DANCES THE PUPA >>16,17, April. 2005. Gensyou_Temple, Obuse.

Visual echo [DANCES THE PUPA] 2005 Unit Project
Movie Director: Genta Maruyama (Nagano) / Polystation /
song &sound system : Hisashi Ikeda (Nagano) / Flow_D Experiments
Dances The Pupa official web construct : Masaomi Maruyama (Tokyo) / 23channel
Movie & system : Hiroshi Takenouchi (Kanagawa) / SFC
publish & system : Ken Arisaka (Tokyo)
Photograph : Naoki Ushiyama (Tokyo) / Tomoyuki Tsuruta (Italy) / Toru Harada (Tokyo)
tablau : Kenichi Magario (Tokyo) / Tama Art University
produced & planning : Tetsuya Machida (Tokyo) / KPD
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Copyright(c) Visual echo, All rights reserved.
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DTP is an art project based on further improvement construction of the system of Visual Echo Dogs 04. Each contents has an independent self interface while the sound work, the image work, and the photograph work are installations that are the remix in the screen. The offer of such a space doesn't mean the integration of a variety of visual media. To increase strength of irrelevant existence mutually, it is thought. The offer artists of their works and the construction creators of the system equivalent related to VE, and sharing the future that will change individually as a result become the purposes.
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[SEEDLING MARKET] 2004 art producer / Jin Nakamura
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